This pin is invalid because it is tied to ground. This operation is performed at PPS phase drive. The printer moves the carriage to the 40th column. When clock pulses are supplied externally, input must be to XI. Turned counterclockwise – The platen gap widens. Check if the carriage moves smoothly when it is moved manually. High to Low Price:

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Removal of Paper Guide Plate and Spacer ig. Remove the left shaft holder and the paper feed knob from the platen unit. Carriage Guide Plate Fig. Place the printer mechanism face up.

Via Timavo, 12, Milano. Voltage Types and Applications Table Measure the voltage of IC3A Pin 8. Reset Circuit Fig.

Search the history of over billion prknter pages on the Internet. Printing Start Position Fig. Preventive maintenance includes regular cleaning of the case exterior, using alcohol, and occasional vacuuming of the mechanism interior to remove dust and paper particles.

Wipro-LX800DX Reviews, Specification, Price & Best Deals

Detects the HOME sig- nal. When interfacing the printer to the host, use twisted pairs for each signal.

Removal of Paper Feed Roller Shaft o ig. Removal of Carriage Motor ig.

WeP (Wipro) LXDX Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows 98 () – dx-Winzip

Replace the ROCX circuit board. Moves from right to left for four steps, then stops. Initialization Flow REV. Remove the sheet guide unit, printer cover, tractor unit, and paper guide.

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The home position sensor mechanism consists of the mechanical switch which is operated by lever at the bottom of the frame. Viewed from front of Printer Mechanism Fig.

Loosen the four tabs securing the carriage motor frame to the chassis frame, using a screwdriver, and remove the carriage motor frame. Ribbon feed is The ribbon The ribbon car- Verify that the ribbon is Replace the rib- da fective. Check the connector con- tinuity of the head cable. However, troubleshooting may be accomplished more easily by following the process shown in Figure Solenoid Current and Drive Voltage Waveforms 2.

At this time, just loosen the tabs slightly but do not remove wipro lx 800 dx printer ribbon gear cover.

WeP 800 DX

Unlock the two notches of the paper guide by pushing them frontward from the back side of the printer mechanism, and remove the paper guide. Remove the printer cover, and confirm that the paper and the ribbon cartridge have been removed. Other components are described in each section that describes the functions of the CPU and gate array. Perform steps 1 to 5 of Wipro lx 800 dx printer 4. Insert the print- head or head ca- ble firmly.

Measure the coil resis- tance of the motor. Make repairs according to the instructions given in this column. Software control and wipro lx 800 dx printer operation of the analog l Sections 2.