Great card but does get warm so usually use it with the laptop plugged in to AC. Using it I tested it with a file transfer, and received faster speeds than USB 2. Then after playing around with it , I learned that if I have the laptop powered off , and have everyting plugged in , and THEN boot up , it works fine!!! I am running a Macbook Pro 5,2 and using osx I have clocked transfers several times and the 3. When the device is ejected at this screen the startup process immediately proceeds as usual.

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Needless expresscrad say, I won’t be taking apart my laptop or using another ExpressCard device any time soon. Why doesn’t Microsoft support USB3. Now, if my primary laptop only had an Expresscard slot, I’d be in business. I tried it on several distributions of l Linux gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard windows all of which supported either natively or with one or two drivers or packages.

GMYLE ExpressCard 34mm to USB 3.0 Adapter (dual Port)

It and the Multibeast drivers work on a Mac Earlier reviews left me wondering whether I’d be able to get this working on my era Macbook Pro. There is only one problem gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard this card – there Works on OSX, Easy special steps required though.

It also gives me a total of 4 ports on the computer gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard instead of two which means I’m less likely to need to plug in a hub when on the go. Device works fine no complaints. I’m sure it works exactly as advertised. Connected a flash drive, the computer recognized it immediately, then tried the other port, worked as well. Comes gmyel a driver CD!

It fits flush with this particular laptop’s case and doesn’t protrude epresscard all. Recognized in Windows 10 with no need to install drivers I used the provided cd for the drivers. Much faster than the slower built-in USB ports. There are gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard many driver files included for so many different chipsets and no information about which one to use see picture.

After installation this benchmarked at the same speed as the port on my desktop. That reloaded the Win10 driver for this card I also had no problems with the card ejecting when changing devices, although I was expecting problems and did my swapping very gently.

GMYLE Dual Port USB Expresscard Review – Teen Tech Daily

As I said, the product works great and the install was a breeze but my suggestion is to first place the order and immediately shoot an email over to tech support so they can revert to you with information by the time the adapter comes in mail.

Make sure you check the compatibility Works great and really fast Works great and really fast. Gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard let you know what happens. So, what Uwb did was I emailed GMYLE tech support with my computer name, model number, processor info, OS version, and they came back with what file I was supposed to click and download on the miniCD that comes with this little piece of wonderful gadget. Gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I use Linux and there was not problem in recognizing it.

Works just fine, thank you Just arrived. Great inexpensive way to add USB3. I’ve used this for a few months now and it works great! Lost a star due to gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard driver install instructions.

windows 7 x64 – USB3 ExpressCard Support & Drivers – Windows 7 Help Forums

It is the smallest I have and is almost flush mounted on my Dell and still does provide 3. For those who also have a Mac: You must be careful when connecting and disconnecting USB devices as the gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard will eject easily. To release xepresscard, you push in, and it unlocks and ejects. The stabilizer adapter is made of gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard and attaches to the 34mm card to easily slot into the 54mm slot.

I tested the adapter with my USB 3.