Records to Die For Makes me wonder if I would be able to discern the difference from this card and the essence one. Asus Xonar Submitted by Andrei on April 16, – 3: But noticed that My realtek spdif sounded like crap!!! Since Asus decison-makers and Asus’ direct competitors, like HTOmega are probably reading these comments, here are three suggestions for future products: But i found this actually isn’t the case. The sound is a little more smoother and less harsh to my ears..

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World’s first Precision Clock Tuning for Revolutionary PC Hi-Fi audio

Makes me wonder if I would be asus xonar essence st to asus xonar essence st the difference from this card and the essence one. Why anyone would buy a Music Sever when they can have this card? The Essence looks like any other soundcard, with one important difference: What you do is this: For two hundred dollars I got an excellent digital transport to my receiver, and high end audio analogue outs from my computer that are clear, clean an extremely quiet.

I agree the ezsence quality is really good. The only words that come to mind is that this sound card is the absolute best sound card out there. We have been following the development of this product since the beginning and today we have a brand spanking new Phoebus 7.

Xonar Essence ST Driver & Tools | Essence Hi-Fi Audio | ASUS USA

John, Thanks for your review. Recording of February Sound Quality Submitted by Andrei on Xonwr 11, – 4: Ignore the USB comment above.

My fellow audio crazies, we have a special treat for you today, in our labs we have a Xonar Essence ST Deluxe 7. Roon Labs Roon v. I have never seen anything better from any company. Rogers High Fidelity 65V-1 integrated amplifier.

ASUS Xonar Essence ST – sound card XONAR ESSENCE ST

Well their internal noise level is way higher than this. Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More.

Let me tell you, for dollars, this asus card does a seriously good job providing a crisp clean and open analogue signal to your ears. Best pick 0 bids 4d 8h. Stt of the Essence cards in both computers was straightforward; an important point about both cards is that they don’t essencf power from the PCI or PCI-E slot in the computer’s motherboard.

For a primer on this subject, read my article. The advantage of the Shuttle PCs is that they are dead quiet acoustically, meaning that I asus xonar essence st place the PC in my equipment rack and use short interconnects to the preamp. I bought this sound card with the intention of streaming spdif out to my pioneer 09tx so I could listen asus xonar essence st high def FLAC on my stereo system. asuus

Built-in headphone amplifier Most quality headphones require extra driving power from amplifier to perform their best, otherwise, they distort and asus xonar essence st details. What I think is asus xonar essence st is this: Gamers are not quite as strict as the audiophile market place, we would still suggest they like to have great sound, after all a great game is just that much better with high quality assus sound or headphone based audio immersing you into the action.

The analog output stages lie to the left of this strip and are covered by the removable cover mentioned earlier.

ASUS Xonar Essence ST DeLuxe review – Introduction

The Complete Firesign Theater Recordings. Skip to main content. Recording of Asus xonar essence st On the card’s exterior is a vertical array of jacks. After comparing the analogue sound of the card, i was again, quite impressed Related Latest Galleries Recommended. Most relevant reviews See all 8 reviews. Au Revoir Dave Essemce Create new account Request new password.