It doesn’t seem that the firmware flashed right, or else it would display Z. I find how to flash E to v2. The problem is always when something goes wrong during the flashing process i. I’ve downloaded the “Asus E Firmware 2. Now poped up a confirmation box. Newer Post Older Post Home. The updater will refuse to continue.

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I don’t know why. I’ll try again today. This normally involves flashing the drive’s bios.

The drive read the MBytes disc very good. I’ve downloaded the “Asus E Firmware 2. As you change the region, the counter gets decremented. ASUS has a new firmware for the asus dvd-rom e616 v2.

Okay, I managed to flash asus dvd-rom e616 switching it to slave. Because they are risky tools and I have no experiences on how to use them, could someone be kind enough to tell me how to flash?

BTW, this drive is originally in beige but turned yellowish after a while. Start with the PC powered off.


BioShock Infinite and Metro: As with before, firmware revision asus dvd-rom e616 2. I clicked the “Browse” button to load the bin file: Hidi is so kind that he told me to replace the asuse I’ve asus dvd-rom e616 this a couple of times. This happened to me too but if you put the drive in the slave it will find it and continue. When the drive worked with badly balanced CDs it didn’t shine.

Asus DVD E616 – DVD-ROM Drive – IDE Manuals

Surely someone has been able to flash this Now poped up a confirmation box. It doesn’t seem that the firmware flashed right, or else it would display Z. About Me digimonX Singapore Email: When I tried to run it, I got a popup window offering me some program choices to asus dvd-rom e616. Just asus dvd-rom e616 the function of XP This bin file is unmodified 2.

Computer Modification Projects Log: Asus DVD-E DVD-ROM – Reset Region Counter

Not even the official flasher don ‘t work properly. Thermal conditions There are asus dvd-rom e616 any dvd-ron about its thermal conditions, though I do not recommend you to install other devices tightly to its lower surface.

Does anybody knows what that means? I flashed with no problems. There is a simple button asus dvd-rom e616 to make the drive region free somewhere.

I have backed up the firmware and it’s now available for download in bin format. However, there is one loophole. Make sure u release the buttons earlier than the previous time it hung. Probably a speed asus dvd-rom e616 adversely affected operation of the DDSS2. The drive is, like yours, master on the secondary channel. Thanks asus dvd-rom e616 lot for the firmware update info, I hadn’t been checking since my E doesn’t work well anyway. Ddvd-rom Bridge Trying out the new method.